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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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heather: first on 5, a heartless heist. >> it's absolutely devastating. jorge: the beloved items swiped from this shop. ed: a baby locked in a daycare. the rescue. the reunion. the explanation. sp. meteorologist: big temperature changes? just beginning. of what it means another weekend. heather: addicted to opioids in a war zone, and he wasn't alone. the local veteran exposing a dark military secret. ed: breaking news, a pepperell police sergeant off the job. the accusations of excessive force. ed: let's get right to that breaking news involving charges of police brutality. heather: newscenter5's john atwater is live in pepperell with information just released. john? john: he has now resigned and police opened up an internal investigation a few weeks ago. it just wrapped up and charges
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herara voluntarily resigned. he is in the early 50's. has opinion with the department now almost 30 years. over the years he has received braze but out of a job after resigning refollowing allegation he beat up a prisoner here. the district attorney's office investigating now. right now, the former officer has not opinion charged with a crime. live in peper rel tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: also break tonight. also breaking tonight. >> a lot of real answers that we're look for were pushed off or not answered in the detail we would like. >> relatives still searching for answers tonight and wcvb newscenter 5's phil lipof is here with the breaking details. phil? phil. this hearing was as partisan as
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republicans looking to trip crinton up. democrat looking to pack her up. >> with that, well il be adjourned. >> 11 hours was testimony. it with as all day, even between committee members, it was contentious at teems. >> you need make sure the entire record is right. >> that is what i want to do. >> well, then, go ahead. >> for her part, clinton took reresponse k for what happened that tight and was emotional when speaking about those who put their live on those line for their country. >> and you was so struck then as i had been so many times before. let the quality and the integrity and the courage of those americans who serve us what in uniform or out, i care deeply about each and everyone of them. >> a lot of talk never before seen e-mail clinton yet on the night of the deadly ache attack. two of the officers were killed in gaz zy by al qaeda-like droup
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t. that is kif rent if pra what the obama administration said up the days after he take this it was spon tagous protest over video that grew violent. >> you tell the american people one thing. you tell the family entirely different story. >> well, conguess man, this was a lot of conflicting information that we were trying to make sense of. >> four americans were dilled thats night in including glen doherty. on cnn tonight, when plan grn's body came home. clinton was there and did not tell her family the truth. >> now it shows me a lot about her character that she would choose in that moment to basically perpetuate what she knew was untrue. >> republicans also demanded to know he why the state department has denied several request for more security in the months before the attack and secretary clinton said she could only say that some request fulfilled and some were not. >> this is new at 11:00 tonight. ed: new at 11:00. he is officially in. congressman paul ryan says he is
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running for house speaker. the wisconsin republican has said he would only do the job if he got the support from the entire gop caucus. a final vote on speaker is expected next thursday. heather: right now, a 17-year-old is being identifying for his hive. right now are they are telling us it started as fight inside of the jackson square station in jamaica plains. the suspect and the victims who know each other, orange line service was shut down about it has opinion presumed. >> prize possession from a local business rippedded off thele with as. this is i haved yo you saw first on 5. right now, the owner looking to track down the praz in thief on the run, this is home for them. wcvb newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live tonight with that video. ho jorge sh? jorge: it was not the guard opinion museum heist. it might as well have been. >> so they pried open this door. reporter: arriving at the the, the owner saw the back door pride open. her heart sank. >> when i walked in.
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my walls are bare. i am like, this is the horrible. reporter: now not barber supplies the thief was after. >> we had a tom brady autographed jersey, a david ortiz autographed jersey, nomar garcia paraautograph. you name it. reporter: caught on camera, haib a pair of thieves knew what they were doing wearing masks and gloves cleaning out the shop's peel ya. huge draw to customers into. little kids come in. they recognize, i want to go to the blase davids ortez now they are seeing blank walls. >> three years of hard work. $6,000 worth. that is a lot of haircuts. >> still gathered, you know, all over the place. >> it is not easy. >> so i cut his hair last week or the week before. >> thank we mow. it is not somebody that randomly of the streets that eked this place. >> that has got hurt even pore. >> it does. >> each person we have in here,
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we are like family. i mo know everybody's name. i know their schedules when they are coming in. i though their family members. >> well, the only easy replacement, a signed jersey by bruins' ledge denned. he gets his haircut here. the owners tonight asking anyone who knows of somebody that may be trying to quickly unload some sports mem or peelle ya to police give place call. live in oedipus, jorge quiroga, news moose. now. but the changes, they are coming. >> harvey is tracking much cooler air moving in. return to reality, harv? meteorologist: rhea, a good way to put it, heath he. 73 in boston. but just take a look up in eastern canada. much, much chillier air. that he is now ready to start moving southward into our region. along the leading edge. we have a couple of shower long the outer cape at this time. you can see they are moving quickly, so they will be sliding off the cape within the next
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after this, mostly clear skies take over. just a few fair weather clouds around tomorrow. it is going to be a prez friday and much, much cooler than what we experienced today. now let me give you an example of what i am taking. as you head out tomorrow morning. boston in the 40's maces like orange mass in the 30's. but temperatures won't rise that much tomorrow in spite of the right sun. a chely northwest to northerly wind that will happen around 50 in the afternoon. that he is more than 20 degrees chillier than it was this afternoon. falk the weekend in a little while. ed? john farrell missed the last six weeks of the season. the sox look forward to having john farrell back as manager next season. ed: also from the red sox, we've learned jerry remy will be back in the broadcast booth next season. nesn says it has resigned remy as primary analyst. but there is a twist.
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lynchie has that ahead in sports. heather: the state is promising to of course the hundreds of cracked deteriorated nuts on light fixtures inside think of boston tunnels. over 900 of them in the big dig tunnel. they have cracks that require repairs. the lab is working to determine what caused those. the highway department thinks it is a problem and with how they were installedded. the state wants drivers to know they are safe to drive through despite the cracks. >> even if all six nuts failed and caused something to dislodge, the wire are way which is joined to light to light would have held in place. >> more tunnel inspections will take place through the ebb of the month but the state says repairs could take months. >> the suspect in the new mexico case killing a four-year-old girl under arrest tonight after confessing to police. tony admitted to gunning down lily garcia. the 32-year-old man is charged with first-degree murder.
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lily's father, allen, just picked her rup the second day of school when torres opened fire on the car. the arrest brings little relief to the family tonight. >> this smile and a beautiful brown eyes that lit up the room. you would just smile. she would smile at you. ed: albuquerque police believe little are's dad and torres kept cutting each other off before the shooting. about a daring hostage rescue inside iraq. an operation that claimed the life of a member of u.s. special op's forces. dozens of american and iraqi troops raided a compound in northern iraq and freed about 70 isis captives believed to be facing execution. the pentagon says a number of militants were killed and captured. the american death is the first since the u.s. launched its anti-isis campaign last year.
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one of them at the white house. the homeland security department reports says travel overtime ships and long working hours are partway to blame. the agency says the officers and only the officers are here. they are been punished. he is in. >> oh. he is in. he is in. >> rock on, brothers. ed: they are talking about a bird. heather: brook line's most wanted caught tonight. a pesky cockatoo doing damage to historic home is locked up. wcvb newscenter 5's mary saladna is live with how it finally happened. mar? mary: neighbor roster been trying for weeks to capture the wayward period. late this afternoon, the persist stens finally paid off. using the favorite food, he was finally lured back to the cage today. he is in. >> he is in. >> the bird has opinion on the lam for months and take up residence in a brookline
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dino, short for dinosaur, race name for the screeching sound he makes. folks here could live be with that. he has started pecking holes in brooklyn's historical home and including one of the victorians where the kennedys group. we are leafed. i am glad it is back. it is in its own home and not outside frozen like pop cycle. >> with the cold weather moving in, that this was growing concern about the demise. the owner is beyond relieved he lasted this long. was born in captivity, so i was really surprised that he was not injured or hurt. >> not everyone was glad see the period go. this neighbor who has been feeding dino for weeks went as she said good-bye. doon know has gat good life to go pack to. elikes to watch sponge bop. he likes music. he likes to fly around in the
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he likes to abully to the cat. and at last check. doon know headed to the vet for a checkup. he is home nibbling on waffles catching up on the spongebob squarepants. mary saladna eyewitness news. >> next on wcvb newscenter 5: heather: a baby locked in a daycare. the rescue, the reunion, the ex druce the workers who lefter this. addicted to open yesterday is in a war zone. >> i was 100% en danger to everybody and everything. heather: this veteran exposing a military secret. just how widespread the problem is. meteorologist: the pig cooldown. how long it will last.
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ed: a baby locked in a daycare. heather: a baby locked in a daycare. a one-year-old girl locked inside a chicago daycare. her dad calling first responders to help break her out! >> jones actually arrived 15 minutes before the daycare's closing time. workers told the family they mistook the little girl for a doll when they were looking around before closing. ed: 5 on the open yid crisis tonight. he was addicted, armed, on active duty. heather: one soldier's story were the dally struggle with her inn while serving our controy overcoming the addiction. hires kathy curran with the story.
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reporter: armed with m4 assult rifle pale trolling the streets of pag dad during the iraq war and high on open yesterdays on active duty. >> pain kill canners, morphine, heroin, any opiate substance i could get high hands on, i would use it. reporter: brian once proud to wear the country's yawn form as a staff sergeant in the united states army became shamed of the >> absolutely. >> that is filt and shame that i would live with for the rest of high life. today, cannot a lot of the consume pe. i look back now. i say like how could i have been irresponsible? i had multiple people i was in charge of took their lives main hands daily and a i was, i was a complete nightmare. complete mess. reporter: brian battled addicts for much of his life. in 2007 when the national guard regiment was sent to iraq, he found when it came to being addicted to drugs on active
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duty, he was not alone. >> it is a lot biger than people think. >> you want to feel fear all did a i long. you don't want the pest. if you find a substance or way to take that away, it makes it that much easier to do. >> when pry kin returned throm the deployment. the addiction spiraled out of control. he hit rock pot tom, was sleeping her on the greenway in boston at night. he was and i out of treatment dozens of times. even had to be revived with narcan twice. >> i was in a basement of a house. the last thing i really remember was, i remember getting high, taking a few steps forward f. there was flat screen v that like, i fell headfirst through. i remember am coming to with high plotter, you po he, kneeling on my chest, and he had give in me narcan, he was screaming my name. >> now he spends his spare time spreading the word about nar condition and telling the story of thele dally battle with addiction. >> have watched people, you
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know, come are from death, pack to life. >> he speaks with addicts. some whole are setrance. ryan's been clean for more than three years. >> you door doing this helps another veteran who is sitting there with shame, filt, anger at himself, saying will not tell people i have a problem pause i am sewed to be mark's best. like, that is all i want. >> another reasonp why pryians speaking out and telling his story is because he lost many friends to the epidemic. including the brother who saved his life. kathy curran, wcvb newscenter 5. >> looking live over the city of boston. 61 now. not too pad now. heather: it is mild. a pig cooldown come cois coming. harvey. heath meatway, we compare it today. you will notice a difference tomorrow. it will be a nice fall day. the last of the stat scattered showers just expecting off chatham now. you can see they are moving were west to east. this is nearing the end and now cooler drier weather can take over.
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warmth, high of 73 was not a record, the record was 83 vosh that is a 10-degree difference set back in 1979 however well pof the average high of 59 degrees. we just started the process of cooling down in boston, but it is still farley mild at 64 and you can see the wind now to the west northwest and picked up some. that is the key because once you get to worcester, in the 50's. once you get to the berkshires, new york, new hampshire, in the 40's, cooler air is on the way. there is the wind out of the west-northwest. notice it is still southwest down around plymouth. so the front is right in between but it is sliding steadily to the south and now, the cooler drier air takes over. now it is not dramatically colder tough the north, but once we get to northern maine and pof the border, then you can see the chill that is up here. so this will be cooler by morning. but as as this air moves in, it will offset the bright sunshine.
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we won't have that much of a a temperature rise during the day tomorrow. these will be readings as head out tomorrow morning. say around 7:00. you upper 40's for boston. upper 30's around orange mass, 10 to 15 miles per hour. it will be a little bit gusty at times. notice, it only moves up a few degrees into the low 50's. and worcester may not even be able to get back to 50 degrees tomorrow. so that is the difference that you can feel. then tomorrow night, as the winds diminish under clear skies. frosty conditions are hookly to develop later friday night and north and west of the boston area itself. a few patch cry clouds could be around tomorrow. i do expect good deal of season and come lootly clear for friday night. there could be a few ocean clouds overnight friday night into saturday because there will be a little bit ocean component down there. otherwise the skies should be thighs and clear. we have patch cry clouds but won't be later saturday, saturday night. the thicker clouds are the west. notice by about 11:00 saturday fight. some showers showing up west of albany.
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a weak front has to cross the region on sunday. so it does look like sunday, we have a lot of clouds here to. there could be a couple of light showers, doesn't look like anything heavy at all. but there is a possibility of let's say a sprits during the patriot game. i don't think anything too serious is dog with come or too significant in terms of the rainfall out of that. so there you go. much cooler tomorrow. as i mentioned, starting out really cold to the north and west of boston on saturday. i do expect just about all areas below freezing at the start of the day. then temperatures will move up to you we're or over 50 for the afternoon hours. sunday is the patriots' game against the jets. i think a lot of clouds with a slight risk of a shower p. temperatures around 60. then chilly air moves in again for the first half of next week. then, there are indications of perhaps a fairly significant rain event with some gusty wind withs coming in along wednesday night into thursday of next
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so a lot cooler tomorrow. but a bright fall day with lots of pretty color right in our area. enjoy that, ed, heather? >> a ton of that. beautiful color in the area. >> thank you. >> you knowp wintains the corner. >> it wok me up. heather: there you go. don't folks see this in boston.
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ed: winter's right around the corner. heather: but don't expect to see this in boston when the snow starts falling. the city's new plan to avoid mountains of snow. ed: no one knows how much snow we'll get this winter, but the city of boston is trying to secure more snow farms.
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that would help cut down on the gigantic piles that stacked up last time around. it was june, before a mountain in south boston finally melted. a slow, smelly unsightly process. heather: did he do it again? he was singing in the rain. he hes back and back for a couple more years, too. tell you why and how many games. for the girl scout meeting. okay.
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t[ duck quacking and wind whistling ] [ clacking ] t - hey, jim. - hey, doug. okay. the new turbodown jacket: t tested tough in
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absolutely exhilarating news today about john farrell who was told by his doctors that his cancer is in remission.
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he was tested yesterday at mass general and received the i'm walking on air word from doctors today. august 4th was the day he was diagnosed with stage one. he finished chemo earlier this physical and now ready for spring training. this today in a statement. he will address tomorrow afternoon. i am extremely happy for the report. i look forward to get back to work and bring another championship back to boston. after meeting tuesday withs theton and tom. there will be three men in the pooth. o'brian play by ply and the come pi nation of remy that trio in
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the pooth for a number games and do 20 games and do 20 as well. and this from the rem dogs tonight. looking forward to spring training this. love. ed were casting and the relationshipp with red sox fans. rob gronkowski is an attention getter, defenses have to pay attention to him, and they have the past two games. he has a lot of people drapedded all over him. just over 100-yards. >> i mean, everyone wants more. that is not the case. the case here is just going out and just doing my job. blocking. going out. running the route. running the route to help someone else get open. get open. get the ball. make the play when the pal is thrown me. overall, great going up. just doing my job.
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by 32-year-old quarterback ryan fitzpatrick out of harvard. now in the 11th season on the national toot pal league and completed 63% of the passes this year and at 4 and 1. >> we know that, you know, there is probably less ver sauce team like to because of how talented they are. with that being said, the focus again this week is just kind of on us and our execution. >> all right. >> i know, he was a celtic fan. happy birthday prad stevens. 39 years old today. >> and the sell tk had preseason game. foreone. this one against the nick kerr pokers. celtics win this one. 99-8 a. they are 5 in 1 on the preseason. the regular season opens at the garden. >> here go. busy week. the patriots played sunday against the jets annex thursday night's dance the dolphins. talking about in on thursday. >> a break to now.
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>> yeah. now that is a long way out if i had to say now. i would say that rain event would be over before the game. >> ok. it would be good news. >> sun say that. >> they look like they will have clouds and maybe light shower. >> saturday at 2:30 in the afternoon. >> that was what like?
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